Taru Taru Taru

We made a movie-wovie! Watch the show-taru by clicking here* and then read the story-wory!

If you are going to watch the movie lotsy-wotsy, please download it to save our bandwidth-taru!

No peaking-weaking!

The Critics agree-taru:

relentlessx: "holy crap that was awesome you guys should become a new type of summon or something that so koooooooool."

Sprits Scholar: "Holy crap that was hilarious. Pwntaru!"

Xander: "How long does it take for this movie to load? I've been waiting 10 mins and nothing happens."

Qtaru: "I think I want to make a new char."

Orracle: "haha man that was the coolest ever."

Music by:

Looper - the cool kid music in the beginning


Thanks to RPG Expert for hosting the movie

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