And the Phank Corpse Award goes to...

Ancient Collective for their glorious pile of death. Linina died in fear, and we went to CR her and came upon this beauty. So we helped out AC, a great group of peeps. After they got back on their feet we cleared a little more with them.

Nice people and very Phankish corpse pile indeed. But I digress. Phank did a lot this week, let's start at the begining.
Yep, that ooze takes forever to kill. It is one of the most stressful fights we do, mostly since we never have good healing cover always stretching it. Stretching it can be scary when something hits for 850.
And for the first time Phank actually got an item and finished Gnome all the way.
Then we went to check another mob off our boss list. Trakanon.
We got to the hall before him, and saw a chance to get his guard dude alone (note, no monk.) Or so we thought...
Even though we were not expecting him and all died horribly, we got him to 10%! Then we went to bed. Next time you toxic dragon!
We are also getting our shards for no good reason, but it is nice xp and maybe one day we too may get to be blinded in a boring zone.
Gracor is talking about his brother who we are trying to get to play EQ. He plays other games like Diablo, Warcraft, Etc... and always gets frustrated with our oh so buggy EQ.
Also played around in Overthere for my brother Tabris.
Phank on people.