Phank - Construct Horror!

You may have logged on Monday night only to click on track for rares in CT and see a Construct up. That would be Phank. It was a glorious night. Remember that little neck item that we got a while ago? With the FT3? Well this is the second part of that quest. The eeeeevil part.

Here we are on top. About to start it. We had no idea what would happen. Would it be another Ring of Slime? What would it be?
It was a Construct Horror! And it was bad ass. Did we win?
Of course not! But we learned all it's secrets, muahaha.... And this corpse pile is actually from us trying to get up there, and making the hugest train I have ever seen. The corpse pile after the construct is not so great because summoned corpses do not make a good screenshot.

So do we get to call a mob release a server first even if we did not kill it? Hell ya babeeee! If we ever want to kill this thing, we may have to call in more phankish friends. A lot more. I am making a walkthrough on it for all you peeps who want to release this meanie yourself.

In other news, we had the longest single fight of our lives the other day. Makes me sleepy just thinking about it.

And we had another triple death award go to Korus.
I swear, this fight was just plain goofy. If it had a soundtrack it would be circus music. In fact, the whole week could have used that. If you only saw us trying to get to the damn top of the pyramid. All you need is a couple people to get lost or watching tv, and moving people is a nightmare! Most of the time we are on the ball, but this week the craziest, and funniest, mistakes were happening.
Speaking of phatty lewts, why are all the hats in Cazic so...hmm....what is the word?
We all know that loot is about looks, and I am mad that the hawt loot is for the fighters!
Tabris also gets an award for a triple death.
And we played a little Warcraft....Look at Linina and her pink dudes!
Gracor is on Vacation this week, so that means we don't have 3 characters playing, so not too much big stuff is happening. But I assure you there is much shroom killing going on, though no one is good enough to send me screenshots except Syke! Oh, here is a disturbing monkey one he sent:

I wonder if we will try that construct again soon. I wonder who we will do it with. We already have a bunch of quest items for it started....Even if we never fight him again, it was damn fun to release him. The unknown is wonderful.