Phank is up to no good!

We are running all over Cazic to collect stuff for that quest we did a couple weeks ago. So mostly we were hanging in our favorite zone again. I will spare you the screenshots of the same old same old mobs we always kill! But here is an example of the delicate balance:

Wipe out
Note the slight difference. Mostly we just goofed off while hunting.
A lot of times we have one healer and two groups. Hot keys help me during craziness.
I inspected a bunch of people. First we have Jumpp and his political movement.
Then we have Loani, who is by no means a twit, but in fact an awesome red head. She also loves the fake_noobie_01 that wants a few plat for spells.
Then we have Epiphany, who is....well Epiphany.
Phank also learned the key to any great fight. Enchanter pets in bulk!
And stupifying mobs!
For those long fights, try making class haiku's. They bring a sense of Zen to the event.
Singing is also good for the soul.
All these things can also help while getting exciting xp.
We also helped Aust with a couple epic mobs. Both much easier than the last time we did them.
And finally, how would you like to be little Jakobe in this group?