The Evolution of our World

Remember the Norrath of yesterday. If you wanted to earn money you had to shout repeatedly in a tunnel that you have stuff. If you wanted to buy stuff you had to answer stupid "Make offer" comments. And Rangers sucked.

I remember Epiphany started the game with a Ranger. Aanadien assured her that she would regret that choice. Alas, the high end Rangers were quite lame.
And now, with the introduction of the Alternative Advancement "Un-suck" Rangers are amazing.
Gain, in another zone did not want to miss out on the phatness.
And let me tell you what a difference the Bazaar makes.
Here are some of Phank's traders. Come visit us! You can send us a tell and we will tell you our loc and what goods we sell!
Also did a little faction work.
We had more fans visit us, from Veeshan! They say their server is very crowded and it makes them sad. They do however understand that fun is the endgame.
Cross server chat is amazing. We can talk to our friends on other servers!
You know you have too many alt xp points when you do this...Miss Aundine!
And other Phankish shenanigans.
Also, a couple corrections from last weeks update. We did a server wide first, not just server first, and we killed another dragon that starts with an S, not Sontalak. Stupid names.

Have a phankish week, and remember Bards cook funny.