O Lord, bless this Thy A Tiny Metal Quill that, with it, Thou mayest be accepted by Thy Gnome in Thy mercy. And the Lord did grin, and the people did feast upon the lambs and sloths and carp and anchovies and orangutans and breakfast cereals and fruit bats and large chu--
Phank finished the Gnome quest this week. But he would not take the quill to give us our phatty or not so phatty reward. If you attempt to do this, I highly suggest you are very careful, for he is buggy and very sensitive.
I accidently deleted my pictures from the fight, so these are donated from Syke. He likes big names. Looks like a fog of alphabet is moving in above our heads. We also failed at our most recent favorite self inflicted punishment:
But we love it. Phank is learning that our most rewarding challenges are ones without walk throughs. Ones we have to make the path up. We get much more clever, and come up with ways to do things that are just plain Phankish. Problem solving is wonderful. We did a lot of that this week, and the rewards were plentiful.
We had a blast hanging in our favorite zone, Cazic. That place is full of new adventures even after living there for months. One night while fighting there we had a surprise visit from our Xegony fans...
Gracor sent them on a mission to find us, for we were all anon...
They know us all too well...
So they grouped with us a bit, on our lazy killing night.
The best part was during our down time, they would duel.
We rewarded them for finding us.
And the duels would continue.
So that was a blast. Having nice, and funny friends of Phank hang out was great.

Phank also killed big things with small numbers, since we have no choice, as usual. Fay fell to a group once again for Talabentor's epic.

What a cool thing to turn your epic into! Big glowy eyed tree thing. Grats Tala and Bigg (same person!)
We also went into Sebilis, cause doing things you normally do with more is a challenge for fewer. Fun to make routine runs more challenging.
Check out this cool summoned pet in Sebilis, what the? So cute!
Aundine and friends are bound at the fire pots, all safe and happy right? No! There is danger of evil powers so great! Beware!
And of course, more Cazic.
Before: After:
We did some really cool problem solving all over this week. Really gave me a glimpse into the way I want to forever play the game.
So once again I tell you all to look at a problem and think of your tool kit, your players and their skills and find a way to make things happen. Sometimes the best puzzles are doing things differently. Ignore the guides, there is always a better way.
Speaking of tool kits, Gracor just got AE taunt. It is wonderful, but warning! It seems to go through some walls :p

So be proud in death, for most likely you are learning. Have fun and such. And maybe when you visit next week we will have beaten that stupid ooze.