They do.

After much waiting, Venril Sathir finally spawned. Here is our fight. The entire fight:

We were a little worried that we did not have enough people. But then again, I had never had the pleasure of working with a Manaburn Wizard, let alone two. Here is our reaction:
Many people may see this as over powering, I see it as what a Wizard should be. Sure they can stomp a couple old world mobs like bugs, big deal. They earned it. Here are our wizards, Jodo is on his friend Calthorn. Burnem was just passing by and in the mood to help us out and annihilate something.
The day before we were camping in KC, every ones favorite truck stop, hoping he would spawn. We pulled Hands to Basement,
And Basement to Hands.
My favorite incoming message. This was with Gracor playing Aanadien also.
Grats Kinthalas on Epic! Here is a close up for those that are curious. Little spires.
When not doing little epic things we have been living in Cazic Thule. We have a goal of upgrading our people, and this place has a few yummy things.

Warning: We get a little...odd...when camping the same place for weeks

Look our little enchanters made a pin-wheel shape with their corpses.
Some nights we have 5 people, some nights we had sick DPS.
Then we decided to have a little adventure...
And again attempting to dire charm some ooze and not have him run away.
Aundine has a new trick up her sleeve....
Mostly we just goofed off, but we got plenty of rares here and there, and in true phankish style we are very giving.
Lots of goofing off....
And in our pursuit of learning new languages we are all getting better at Eisai.
We also killed Rhag Two for the first time with Sanctus Tempus. I think my cute little halfling form was the thing that pushed us over the edge.
Speaking of illusions, let's play Who is the Real Barbarian?
We also got Noa a part for his epic. He is getting so close! Only he wants to go to some odd place on Plane of Air, should be an adventure.
Speaking of Plane of Air, a small group of 5 Phank killed that Dojo dude. No, we had no mana burn wizzies. But Gracor did not send me the Screenshots yet! So here are a bunch of random things we talked about this week instead :)
How not to ask for a rez:
Tabris went to his first plane, but ML had killed Tunare, so he was sad:
Someone, not naming names, had a hard time with the book I read on Ragefire watch, so I made a book list.
And last but not least, happy mothers day!
And the answer is: Taunt is the real barbarian.