Vindicator, Enchanters and Tylia - warning, nudity and the word ass inside

Our focus this update are three things that make a difference in Phank. Let's start with the big guy, Vindicator. A long time ago Phank was created because we did not want to join another guild. We wanted something that was based off fun and friends. In doing so we gave up all hope of the "big" fights. This week that all changed. With the addition of Chat channels and the alliance of Sanctus Tempus we can now challenge the big guys.

Buahaha, look at all the dead! Still in Phankish style we killed the big guy. The best part was the fun and excitement.
29 people! Very cool to join forces with Sanctus Tempus. This way we stay small and kill big stuff. We got Gracor a BP.
Part of our strength is our huge amount of Enchanters. Here they are with some big ass pets.
The thing that is special about 2 of our Phank enchanters is that Aanadien taught Epiphany how to chant. As we were raised deep in the traditional scary ass dungeons with no way out they learned their craft. This is what helps them work so well together. Teacher and Student, now equals with their own styles mixed in traditional wup ass.
A lot of the time we are monk-less. This means big pulls with us depending huge on our enchanters.
Those brown lizards might not look like much to you, but 2 of them are 60 and all of them need to be mezzed with some crazy ass rapture stuff. AND some of them CH and AE. It is a total blast with 9 people.
The funny thing is not only do we survive that stuff but we end up gtg for the next hella pull.
Aanadien has Dire Charm. This goo hits for 350 but has like 2 hp with aego.
Our other Dire Charm enchanter Aundine is amazing in her own right.
We killed in a few areas in CT this week, really makes you appreciate your enchanters. Chiming joined us also, and we had a lot of fun with the great agro.
Lots of temples and stuff.
Now let's talk about Tylia. Phanks Ranger. A long time ago Epiphany tells the group, 'is it ok for my ranger friend to play with us?' We were in Perma at the time, one of our dungeons of our youth. This is where it all began.
Tylia hit Veteran this week.
Tylia plays the game differently than most. As she puts it, she plays it happy, dumb and fat and is better for it. She is highly intelligent and very shy. Bahaha, ok, who am I kidding. Some insight into the mind of Tylia. This is a picture through her eyes:
Yes Tylia, we lub you and are glad you and Fairwind (epiphany) started on the exact same day with the exact same look on the exact same server. Lucky Phank we are.

Also this week Kinthalas the Wiz 'o' doom hit 60. But she is still looking ahead to her next achievement.

Eisai our phankish friend who gave all her stuff to a vendor one day got her DE mask again and killed a kitty.
And a plee to Verant to please change the stacking with Focus and our mana buffs!
Chiming sent me this picture of Gracor and Paperr in a happy moment in Griegs....
I leave you with this, and hope that next week it will mean something. Phank on.