Phank living - moves into HoT, adds flowers

This week we did HoT, and more HoT, then a little HoT, then HoT got upgraded, then more HoT, oh, and a little HoT on top.

Thanks LOS! Without you I would have to wear some lame resist gear. That red dragon is one of our favorite visitors. They make us happy. Unlike their evil white friends. But them white ones do offer a great fight!
No I am not a warrior, I am the cleric (Yinnyang.) My mana bar should show SOME blue. AND Syke came late into the fight so he had no buffs. Very fun fight.

Being in HoT all week we have shared it with some awesome guilds, and we got to see what happens when servers come up and it is FFA!

HoT is very challenging for Phank. We can make hardly any errors. Just the way we like it! We do however take some precautions when we sense a coffin job ahead (doing a lap with no FD puller.)
Now time for some more HoT! In spite of our many deaths we seem to be gaining better gear! Amazing. I am almost in full blue, yay!
Yinnyang forces Gracor and Cindal to hunt for GM events

Rumor had it that some were going on. I wanted to get a taste of this dynamic action. I got on my alt Aware (the cutest monk chick around) and we began searching!

We traveled many lands with no sign of anything GM like. No newbies in mass death, no evil invasions of anything! Boo! So we just FD'ed as dogs the rest of the night, and jumped up and down.
Quotes of the Week
One last note: Dancing gnomes are a good thing.
Really, this is the last note. I mean it!