Phank becomes Phank - kills oh so many mobs

Monday night a small group gathered to prove our worthiness to a Guild Master in a small corner of Wakening Lands. We were to get the tag tonight, to be Phank.

Or not. She told us to petition the next day. So I got on Linina Tuesday morning. A vixen of a GM came to bless us with the tag.
The power of the Phank tag is stronger than we thought. Jumpp hit Baron, Yinnyang (me) hit Venerable, Cindal hit 50 and 51, Syke got his epic, Yinnyang (me) got all her epic done except Rage, and Cinamben can summon all our many corpses mana free.
Petition: Venerable is such a great title, thank you for being so creative and I feel really "cleric like" now. Yay me.
Last week, you may remember, we decided to change our Giant love to Dragon love. I thought this would take a month.
Why is anyone not on Dragon faction? I have no idea. This is just cool. And by cool, I mean sweet!

It was time. Our Dragon friends were to test our skills in the Halls of Testing. For our first trip into the great Temple of Veeshan's East halls we joined forces with House D`Spite. Tirsada knows way too much about the wild life here in ToV.

A perfect lap! (Gracor did not die, really)

How the hell are we beating level 66 dragons? Strange. Must be the tag.

We got some great gear including a couple plate pants and leather pants.

P/HD activities are a blast.

Then we went back the next day, just a few of us this time.
Ah, death. A close friend of Phank. Let me note: We died this weekend many times, but not as much as the Great Weekend of Many Coffins. Score!

So we picked ourselves up, brushed ourselves off and began the Testing again

We love Halls of Testing. We are getting married to it this week, so expect to see us in there making out. We also enjoyed sharing HoT with some nice guilds. Good people you are, very phankish.

Now Epic time!

We got a couple ranger parts, we finished Sykes epic, we killed Ixiblat and King for Yinnyang (me) in 5 hours. We are insane...

Or he is. This is Jaeil the Insane dying twice. Grats Fair and Pratorien!
We killed 3 mobs for Syke's epic in Lake of Ill Omen. Cindal was happy to cast more than one buff, very druid of her to love the outdoors. Grats Syke! Phank just got stronger!
I gave up on getting my epic a year ago. I was not in a guild, had no plans to join a guild and our little group of 5 players would never kill the 3 hard mobs that I needed. This week it all changed.
That is the dead king at my feet. 2 groups made up of Phank and my good friends came to help me take down this hard enemy. We had only one or two deaths one of which Loani sacrificed herself to save the group. We killed king. Then we abruptly got wiped out so hard it was a coffin job. I love Phank!
Then after rezzing all our corpses my friends decided to get Ixiblat Fer. So we got ourselves up, brushed ourselves off, and headed out to Burning Woods.
I would have to say the druid pet made the difference.
Epics are a sick joke by Verant. They test who your friends are. But standing there in the mist of Burning Woods with the corpse of my second hardest mob at my feet, I was with friends. Phank is strong. And getting stronger.
Thank you...
Quotes of the Week
Almost forgot! We also killed a tools guy with ease.