Big Weekend of Many Coffins

Sure we all died horribly, and many, many times. Sure the deaths were in treacherous places that no one goes to. Sure we got no phat lewts. I guess we will have to settle for mass xp and vengeance!

That's right. Jumpp hit 60. Gracor hit Veteran. Tylia hit Baroness. Epiphany got her snake stick. Videak got CoH. And Tabris made it to the Great Divide.
We also helped our friends kill some king and then said hi to the Avatar of War. He was not pleased by this.
We traveled to many lands, and our name spread throughout the evil dungeons. Wicked mobs lined up to be killed by us.
Quotes of the weekend:
One of our favorite activities is to xp all the way to where Drussila never is. Well this morning she was up. Yay Phank! We resisted the urge to fight her naked like last time.

- Yinn

Phank thinks they can actually get some cleric epics - Reality to set in later
Can a guild of 12 kill King/Ixblabla/Rage? We think so. Yinnyang dusted off her cleric epic papers (actually printed them for the 5th time) and got off her bootay to get the last easy thing, Lord G's ring. Cheer 6 hour camp!

And here is Epiphany with her stick! Congrats!

(yes this is a new and improved mistress picture of epi in her crazy sex pot outfit ...beware!)

So we head into Chardok, making a b line to the king. The "safe hall" was quite fun:
The 10 of us were quite happy with the outcomes. Places of much wipe out were no problem for us. It was a blast.

Then we got to the king. Due to a lapse in judgement, we got a bad train and all died horribly.

But we now know we can beat him, just not him and all his guards at the same time. Even CR was freaking hilarious. Damn witty phanks that we are. - Yinn