Epiphany gets her snake stick! - Mini bosses pay for her 40 trips up.

After dozens of trips to Hate, the zone finally caves under our pressure. No one actually expected to get the essence, but we must have proven to my dear god Innoruuk that we deserve it after killing Maestro and that strange Hand with 13 peeps.

Yay us!

While other guilds were of doing unimportant wakenings of Sleepers and such, we were taking out the real mobs.

So we finally got some mini bosses, happy day.

- Yinn

Five Bosses not up - Phank has fun anyway

Word was out that we were hunting a boss, and those crafty devils ran away and hid. We decided to check on the mini boss in Ssra. No luck, so we tried to get Jumpp and Korus a kitty mask.

We wanted to do the Rhag Zhezum, but he was not up. He is a three day spawn. We needed a challenge as our numbers grew. So why not do Taskmasters with 10 peeps (most 2 boxin?)
That was a blast. It was good to see we could take down things that hit in the 400's and have a 675 AoE attack.

After taking them out, we were still hungry for some 60 spells, so we went to Akheva to kill that mini boss. Denied. So we killed his guards.

Then we heard of a boss out in ME, we went to the lake and it was getting late, so we killed a few, then almost all had to log. So the remainder went one last time to check on Drussila, and of course, she denied us a boss for the weekend.
So even though all the bosses feared us, we had a blast and look forward to killing one another day.