Screw it, it's beta.

This week we played too much. I guess given the current situation with the world it makes sense.

Also, 3 Phankers live in Florida. Salabak kept having his electricity go out. Aenro (Zagtor) was looking for another place to crash at.

And Bill Clinton is getting bypass surgery.

And yet, even with all the horrors our two political hopefulls kept struggling to get at least one headline this week. So we gamed.

The gang in FFXI also played a bunch. Nobby takes these screenshots, hopefully the FFXI crew understands the ones that I don't get at all! Must be inside jokes, or just jokes inside Nobby's head.
And his usual fashion show:
And a festival, look at how FFXI really does it up. He also made some movies - check out the fireworks at the bottom of this page.
Their holiday items in FFXI are simply wonderful.
Is Nobby censoring profanity up there? Looks like the words "my ass" or something.
Thank you Nobby for those great picts!!!
As we level we find more creative simple CC tactics.
And when the servers went down, we tried out Ryzom. Wow, it's not good. I feel bad for them.
Crash would shoot himself if he played 5 minutes of this game. The pain.
For some reason Gracor, the paladin and only one that can unsheep, keeps getting sheeped. Is this just great AI that they know he can unsheep? It never fails, Gracor will be sheeped in Zul.
I love people that make the game interesting in clever ways.
Now I can't say anything about this next thing, because I don't want to encourage anyone for anything, but next week we hope to have a Very Special Phank Update on a Very Special Phanker.
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