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Happy Labor Day! For being a week of light numbers due to the holiday, we sure accomplished great things. Phank beat Hakkar! We worked our way through Zul'Gurub and then on Sunday headed to Hakkar. What an incredible fight!

We went to ZG in stages. On the first day, we blasted through the Crazy Bat Lady, the Snake Guy, the Bloodlord, the Spider Lady, and the Tiger Guy. Ok, I admit I don't know their names without looking at
the pictures.
On the second day, we tried out a new strategy on the Panther priestess. This picture is not of it! This was before, lol. What a frenzy.
I don't have any pics of our new strategy (I was a little busy at the time), but I can say that it worked on the first try!
We also visited Jindo. Ok, that's enough talk about that.
On the third day, it was Hakkar or bust!
At last we were standing in front of Hakkar. This was an exciting time -- a brand new fight for the majority of us.
The fight began!
Now, these red streams are not what you want to see. Luckily, that was the only time we messed up the timing that bad, lol. And it was our first attempt, so it's ok. :)
It wasn't long and we were really figuring out what the fight was all about. And then it was just a matter of execution. A few tries later, and...
(and see -- we got the life tap part down too!)
Final result! Hakkar dead! Score one for Phank! Woooooot! Great job, everyone! Let's do it again!
Last Sunday our joint raid with Hjouse of Spjank ended with a partial run into Molten Core. On Monday we went back to finish it up! It went relatively smoothly until Ragnaros, with a slight glitch at Majordomo. The good news is we won!
We had some Sons issues on Rags, but we hung in there. Ragnaros dead!
The sad news of the week is that after our 5-week streak on beating Razorgore, we simply couldn't pull out a 6th win in a row. However, we'll start again next week!
Here are a few scattered shots from the rest of the week.
Happy Labor Day, Phank! Have a wonderful week.
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