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Cup runneth over

Wow we have a lot of things to do in game. Just one months ago we were sick of UBRS.

First off last night we did a great MC run. Smooth sailing, top notch fighting. Until Golemagg. For one reason or another, defense changes or the fact we were very low on tanks, it was really hard for us. We lost around 3 times.

Then we lost another priest and we were also down to 3 tanks. Each tank had to stay alive and be perfect.
Or they had to have a soulstone rotation (omg yes we did) and just keep dying, standing up, dying, standing up on and on....
Who knows what was going wrong, healing or the changes to defense, video game mojo. But it was insane.
The fights to golemagg was great, and really well done.
I know Cruella told you about Zul Grub last week, but she didn't have many screenshots, so I include a couple here. I don't think any of it is a real spoiler. It was beautiful though, and great for us all to be in there together.
We have a no spoiler policy in here, no one is bringing in internet strats or any crap word of mouth. We have faith in Blizzards events to be self explainatory. After a few (a lot!) of deaths.
So challenging and fun!
2 trips so far and 3 bosses down. Not bad. The real prize is doing a new instance together, all of us, figuring it all out ourselves.
Silly Subvertio forgot we try not to do corpse shots at phank, but this is the only shot he got of a UBRS run that was surprisingly easy with 8. (one of the below people was afk autofollow, I forget who.)
(gracor is playing needles above)
The night after the patch we went to LBRS to get our Hunters some wolves.
I also took a couple shots of our Onyxia win from last week. As she said, when we got to OG to turn in the head, Juggernaut already had (they are the uber of our server.)
Life is good, Phank is kick back, all our people in texas and new orleans are safe, happy happy, joy joy.
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