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Phank Got Da Voodoo, Mon -- by Cru

It's official. Phank has conquered Zul'Gurub! We finally got the boss that has been our nemesis for so long -- Jin'do the Hexxer. Jin'do's demise, or lack thereof, had been a source of frustration for awhile now -- mostly we stopped bothering. But last night, after finishing off Hakkar, we decided to give the dancing troll another try. More on that in a bit!

Let me back up by saying that last week we had gone through ZG and just needed to get Hakkar on Monday. Well, sure enough, we went on Monday and did just that!
And Tuesday, September 19, was Talk Like a Pirate Day. Arrrr, that brought wind to our sails...
Yes, that's what Shadra thought of me taking screenshots of her.
-- Kozzae
-- Kozzae
Thanks, Kozzae!
On Thursday we joined with Hjouse of Spank to bring down Onyxia. I wasn't in attendance, so no pics, but I hear they got her first try! Grats, everyone!
And lastly, the Zul'Gurub story! We headed in on Friday, going for Crazy Bat Lady, Snake Guy, Bloodlord, and Spider Lady. Hmmm, did I leave any out for that night? There's so many in that zone...
It was getting late, so we ended at the spider boss.We came back to finish up on Saturday, but we didn't have the numbers. Well, specifically, we found ourselves abandoned by the warriors. Tanks a lot, guys. Ooh, bad pun!
So on Sunday we headed back, our eyes on Hakkar. We zipped through the Panther Chick and the Tiger Dude. Now, in general, I am really impressed by the weather effects in World of Warcraft. But in ZG Sunday night, it was foggy and rainy. This does not make for good screenshots, Blizzard!
The Hakkar fight was so perfect, we couldn't imagine a better fight. As Thuggo said that night, it was textbook!
Ok, so Hakkar was dead -- now what? We had extra time on our hands, so we decided to say hello to the Fish Boss.
Ok. Fish Boss dead. Did we dare attempt Jin'do? Well, our group had been slicing and dicing bosses all evening. It was a good night to try. But oh, those evil, evil, dancing undead trolls along the way...
Jin'Do...we got him to 9% the first try. Not bad! The excitement was in the air! We reminded people to get those Shades killed, and on the next attempt, we demolished Jin'do! Saved the last dance for you, Jin'Do!
Now truth be told, we did not go to Madness/Imp area this run. But we've been there, done that with that area -- it was Jin'Do that we had struggled with in the past. So, ZG -- Phank pwns you now. And we got some nifty loot, too!
So Phank plans to continue enjoying ZG to the fullest, while turning an eye toward conquering Ossirian in AQ. It will be nice to finish AQ up before the expansion! Phank, see you next week!
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