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Somehow I unexpectedly ended up with the task of creating this week's update. It's been a great week for Phank, and I wish I had more shots of the highlights, but I bet Veenu has some fabulous shots to share with you next time around. On the other hand, here's my big chance to sneak in some recent stuff that still has me rolling on the floor. Note the cool people below who helped out by sending pics of their own. They get a bonus summons.-- Cru

Last Sunday, as seen in last week's update, Phank and Hjouse of Spjank rocked the bike big time in Molten Core. On a roll, we gathered on Monday to revisit Onyxia and get some payback from our first attempt. We had a single wipe to get our bearings, and then we brought that dragon down. The main glitch was that another guild beat us to Orgrimmar with Onyxia's head, so we didn't get to enjoy the fame and glory that comes with presenting the dragon kill to Thrall and the Horde. But never mind, we know what we did!
from Pancake
from Jalynfane
from Jalynfane
from Pancake
The long-awaited 1.7 patch finally came out, along with the long-awaited 20-person instance, Zul'Gurub. And eagerly we set off to explore.
And then we met our first ZG boss, affectionately called Crazy Bat Lady. We wiped a bit but learned more each time. Needless to say, Phank > Crazy Bat Lady. No battle shots available to show you this week, but here's a shot of Jalynfane checking out the noob skeletons (cough) after Phank won the fight.
from Jalynfane
Onward to the next boss we traveled, killing lots of ZG mobs along the way. And we killed the second boss like he was a mosquito -- a very big mosquito. This apparently made some demons mad at us. Well, they were already mad at us.
Two nights later, we headed back. This time we met up with the Bloodlord. He didn't like us very much. But we scoffed at him, figured him mostly out, and killed him -- eventually.
A very busy week, it was. Meanwhile, people continued leveling up mains, alts, pets, skills. Oh, yes, and faction.
We ended the week with another MC run. It wasn't our easiest run, that's for sure. We were short on raid members, particularly warriors. So we met some challenges along the way. But we got through four bosses -- not bad, all things considered.
Whereas once we were wishing WoW would give us some new content, now we are so busy it's hard to fit it all in. Between, Molten Core, Onyxia, Zul'Gurub, PvP, and new and old quests, there is lots to do. Fun, fun, fun!
Here are some screenshots from the past couple of weeks that you might get a kick out of.
Canthan sent in these shots from City of Villains.
And here are some screenshots from Nobbynob. Thanks again to everyone who sent pictures for the update!
Here are few more miscellaneous shots from the Cru vault. You just thought you were almost done...
See you in the game, Phank!
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