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Batty - by Cru

Let's see... ZG, AQ40, MC, a gazillion instances. Yep, that about it sums it up for this week!

ZG has become Phank's playground, that's for sure. Thanks, Cownan, for that cool main image with the bat! Of course, I think that by taking it he contributed to the subsequent wipe on that boss, but hey, it was for the update!

Our joint raids with Hjouse of Spjank this week took us back to AQ40 and later to Molten Core. The clearing of the trash mobs began.


We reached Skeram fairly easily. And then the trouble began.
-- Xexor
We got him to about 48%, I believe, on that first try.
After our wipe we headed back, only to discover that the big bug was bugged. In typical Phank style, we looked for someone to blame.
So we cleared some mobs, then Xexor sacrificed himself to get Skeram to reset properly.
I have to say that the bug mounts were really well done by Blizzard. This still screenshot does not really show the cool skittering about of people on their bugs while we waited for the next mob to fight.
So finally we were fighting Skeram once again. But we never really got our momentum back. Skeram eluded us again. At least we're getting used to the fight -- it's just time to execute it properly.
At Sunday's joint raid, we had some lower numbers at start time, so we ventured to Molten Core. Familiar ground, yes, but lots of people still needing gear...
-- Xexor
We had amazing dps for the Ragnaros. But the Sons were a speed bump -- somewhere along the way this part has gotten messy for us. However, we did finally pull it together and get Ragnaros.
Phank spent Saturday evening in Zul'Gurub. All the priests were cleared, so we're hoping to head back for Hakkar on Monday. Tune in next week to find out if we did!
Here's a hodge-podge of stuff from the rest of the week. 
-- Xexor
-- Xexor
Yeah, right, lol.
This is another of the nifty 0.5-tier boss fights -- we had to fight a brother-sister team. Sadly, I failed at getting really cool images. And I died on top of it. But we won! Priorities...
Woot, Phank! See you in the game!
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