Stress Test Ultimate Challenge!

Two weeks ago Blizzard started the Stress test. Some Phankers that didn't get into the main beta got into this. We tried hard to get all the gameless Phankers into the Beta, but we could not. 

Blizzard decided to make a competition out of the Stress Test to let stress testers into the main Beta.. So Olriech decided to get himself into the Beta. Forget industry connections, he was going to earn it.

If Phank did a poll asking who you would trust to level up the fastest, strongest, and most gimpiest character we would all put our faith into Olriech.

And what a stress test it was. Each day a new challenge. Servers being down, contest rules changing and extending. Even Olriech's internet went out.
But Olriech kept at it, and by his side was his good friend Naydien. Selflessly leveling to help his pal.
Nobbynob joined them at times too!

But many times he was leveling alone, climbing the long path, trying to stay ahead.
His level kept climbing, even though he slept full nights of sleep and took care of school. And took care of some Horde...
They extended the test. Olriech took it easy yet remained top warlock for his server.

And here, 15 minutes before the stress test ended, he stands.

And somehow that bastard matches better than me!


Welcome to the Beta, we've been missing you.

I was in San Fran all weekend, but I did get some shots this week. Here they be!

So I am not sure how I feel about competitions to be first. I think I don't like them at all really. They encourage people rushing their asses through the game and not stopping to smell the roses. It only makes demand harder to keep up with. But for a stress test, I can understand it. And I am damn happy with the results - Olriech getting to play with us again. Now if only the game would come out, and everyone playing that FFXI will get sick of it right away, and all the burnt out Phankers still searching will find what they need in WoW. It will happen!
Phank on!
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