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Domo Arigato, Mr. Majordomo

We spent Monday finishing up our glorious MC run.

It was quiet, and we worked with much purpose. We had a goal of taking down Majordomo for the first time, and a lot of clearing to go through to get to him.

We were doing great, with no major casualties until someone lagged out and ran into a large lava pack while we were fighting another one.
After an hourish we finally got to him and his minions. We set up and attacked.
We lost two times and decided to try one more time and added Lothaar for his first MC experience.
We were taking casualties but we were making progress. We got almost all of his minions down.
Then finally the last!
And we did it! We think Lothaar's death in the first few seconds placated the gods for our win.
Then we went to say hi to Ragnaros but we wiped, it was late, and decided to meet him another day.
We also did some other raids this week.
Lots of 5 player instances too. Then on Sunday we started MC again. We died more than last Sunday, but we still made great time.
Tonight we visit Onyxia for the second time, and this Thursday we will make the long climb back to Domo and possibly Ragnaros. Not bad for a partnership after one month...
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