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A Change of P(l)ace - by Cru

Our joint raids with Hjouse of Spjank into BWL have been kind of stuck lately, so for something different, our two guilds decided to head to Ahn'Qiraj for a peek into the 40-person instance. We'd been there briefly before, long ago -- it was time for another visit! Phank also went back to ZG and got Hakkar again. Fun!

AQ 40 has lots of sentinels and eradicators that respawn rather quickly. So our attempts at the Prophet Skeram, the first boss, were repeatedly interrupted by having to kill respawn. For the most part, the trash mobs were easy.
That's Dazey. Hi, Dazey!
We were getting the strategy down on Prophet Skeram. With each attempt, we made progress.
There were only a couple of frantic runbacks to the zone-in, lol!
We didn't actually beat Skeram, but we gained a lot of understanding about the fight. This is a boss we will get soon. The joint guilds ended the night by going and getting Onyxia. Nice job!
Earlier in the week, Phank and Hjouse of Spjank did go to BWL, but we just couldn't get Razorgore. Funny how you can have a streak of winning, followed by a streak of losing. But that's why we ventured to AQ40 for some fun a few days later!
Phank took a couple of evenings to go back to Zul'Gurub and get Hakkar. A few priests one day, the rest the next...
Re: the bats --->
At last at Hakkar, we gathered up for the fight. Even people new to the battle jumped into the strat quickly.
Now, I'd like to say that we got him on the first try, but that wasn't the case. But it doesn't matter, because at last, Hakkar was dead! Wooooot!
Many Phankers continue to work on Tier 0.5 quests, AD faction, and completing gear sets. Needless to say, Scholomance and other instances have seen a lot of our guild members lately.
Ras finally dropped the mage shoulders for Lonneke. It's about time, Ras, you dork! Thanks, Jaryl for sending in this shot! ---->
The final boss you have to fight for the 0.5 quests is Lord Valthalak, whom you summon in the Beast's room in UBRS. It's wickedly hard. Xexor sent in this glimpse of what happened last week when we tried rather spontaneously. ---->
But this week we tried again.
It took three attempts, but at last Lord Valthalak met his doom!
Here's Groki in the full druid Tier 0.5 set.
Fighting Lord Valthalak was challenging, but perhaps worse was one of the random 0.5 tier quests one can get. For Sub's random quest, he had to fight Kormok in Scholomance. It was not pretty. But as you can see in the second shot, we eventually killed him (he's under there somewhere). His minions had the last laugh, though.
Here are some other great shots from the past 2 weeks from Xexor. Thanks, Xexor!
This one is from a BFD run. Xexor apparently forgot to repair and was scrounging for grays to wear. --->
Until next week, Phank! See you in the game.  :)
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