Scarlet and Syndicate

We had a pretty good interaction this week with another couple groups of players. Instead of competing for the mob we worked together, since it kicked all our asses. 

So we waited around for the mobs to make their appearance.
And killed with power, then took turns.
So that was nice to do instead of fight for mobs etc. We also journeyed a bit.
And we stepped into the next big instance, the Scarlet Monastery. Once again, trying not to give anything away, and all the mobs just look like dudes anyhow.
And we can finally group with Jaly (Wraythe!)
He's just sleeping, aw.
Paging sends a bright red message to the middle of a persons screen. /page Name message
Now a note on "upgrades." I sure hate it when an amazing item comes my way and it has better stats and looks horrid on.

This is my before picture.

This is my after, with my amazing new robe of bright colors.
Naydien and Olriech are destroying Shadowbane again, and I hope to have an update from them for next week.
Nobby promises me some screens from FFXI soon, and as I said above Ol and Nay should be sending some in too.
So the Scarlet Monastery was bugged, so we could not beat it, but we need to do it many times anyways for us all.
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