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Spjank & Phank - WARNING THIS IS A SPOILER UPDATE (a lot of MC shots)

This Sunday we had our first raid with Hjouse of Spjank, our new partnership. We were pretty excited.

Our excitement wasn't based on past experiences. Phank has had about 3 big attempts to partner with people. All of them were frought with pain and ended in tears. Some so outrageously comic that we can't even post about them.

So why did we partner up again?

As you know from our rant two weeks ago, we are getting pretty bored with our instance options. So why not try again? HoS seemed like a nice group, so what if it's painful and ends badly. Almost all relationships end badly or they wouldn't end.

So we suited up.

And the entire raid was there on time.
And we started in.
Then we got a huge pull, zoned out and zoned back in to respawned mobs. So we started in again!
And we moved in deeper.
It was incredibly smooth, everyone doing exactly what they do best.
There was no skipping content crap, no tricks. It was all played the way it was meant to.
We dusted our Magister's robes off and got back up to try again.
Our first boss in MC down! Onward!
And then the next boss...
It was one long fight. Longest I have ever been in. Here is a very spoiler screenshot.
And we totally wiped out. In bad places.
So we fought back in. With ease.
I liked the above shot because it looks like I am beating the hell outta Val. PvP this!
And we charge in again...
And we wipe again! But in a good place this time.
So we make one adjustment to this long long long fight.
And the deaths begin to mount, he's down to 5%, but he has sooooo many hit points....
5 people left, shaman and priests mostly, 1% health on him...
- above 4 subvertio
It was glorious. We are so lucky to have found a guild like us, and on our own server. We are also thankful to the Phankers that made it happen.

We don't know how it will end, but we don't care. It's already been worth it.

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