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EnThralled - by Cru

Happy Anniversary, Phank and Hjouse of Spjank! One year ago our two guilds formed a partnership to bring glory to the Horde and death to the evil mobs of Molten Core and the like. We found that we were a perfect match and have been having fun and phat lewt ever since! To celebrate our anniversary, we decided to do a joint raid of a different sort -- invade Orgrimmar and bring down Thrall himself!

Our alter egos were gnomes and dwarves on the PvP server Onyxia. First we formed a new guild, the Phjouse PjainTrain. Then we prepared for the evening raid by practicing our battle techniques on local threats around the Coldridge Valley and Dun Morogh areas.
-- Kozzae
At last it was time to amass the troops. To battle! To glory! For the Horde! I mean...death to the Horde! Death to Thrall!
And so we began the long journey across land and sea. What unseen perils awaited us? Would we die in honorable battles or meet our fate in the jaws of monsters so unreal they seem straight out of video games? How many of our fearless soldiers of doom would make it all the way to Orgrimmar, where Thrall at last would feel our wrath and our power? Bravely we ventured forth -- TO WAR!
-- Xexor
What's this? A tavern?!! Soldiers, halt! Everyone drink up-- you've been traveling for a whole 5 minutes!
Back to war! The ants go marching 1 x 40, huzzah..huzzah...
-- Xexor
Now entering hostile territory! Constant vigilance!
We're under attack! Soldiers, defend yourselves! Barring that, RUN!
We reached Menethil Harbor and prepared to voyage across the Great Sea.
-- Xexor
-- Kozzae
The photojournalist fell off the boat while taking pictures...
That shark is smiling. I think he must have been kind and wanted to escort me safely to shore.
Not wanting to alert our enemies of our presence too early, we planned a stealthy approach into Horde territory.
-- Jaly
As our first troops moved north in Kalimdor, a second wave of Phjouse soldiers were preparing to cross the Great Sea. Orgrimmar was sure to collapse under the weight of our awesome might!
The soldiers took a moment to tend to their oozing blisters, conversing with local allies and chatting among themselves.
But it was little rest for the weary. We moved onward toward Ratchet. But it was in Ratchet that the Horde learned of our presence. Our first real battle ensued.
The Horde launched multiple attacks, determined to protect their evil city. They immobilized us for a while in the area of Razor Hill. But we persevered and slowly gained ground in Durotar. Northward we headed, marching, dying, and marching again.
-- Kozzae
And then at last...
Not wanting to approach from the front gates, we headed around to the western entrance for a surprise attack.
A horde sorceror found us and did her best to thwart our attempt. But she underestimated our will -- Thrall would die tonight!
Orgrimmar defenders fought wave after wave of our attacks, but we proved stronger -- and soon we approached the Valley of Wisdom.
-- Xexor
-- Xexor
-- Xexor
Jalynfane was the first to attempt an assassination of the mighty Thrall. As you can see, he suffered greatly in the hands of our enemies, but nonetheless his valiant attempt left Thrall and his guards worried about what was to come.
-- Jaly
Then one by one our remaining few reached Thrall's headquarters. The Horde guards were strong, and Thrall even stronger.
We launched attack after attack, and soon Thrall's chambers were littered with our corpses. The time of reckoning was near: we would called upon the magical forces to allow us our final assault. We would resurrect in Thrall's chambers and bring the mighty Orc leader to his knees.
-- Kudder
Phjouse PjainTrain for the Alliance! Prepare to meet thy fate, Thrall!
Alas, the last of our brave troops fell. But the power of the Horde was shaken. Thrall would remember forever the determination of this little guild, the Phjouse PjainTrain, that came so close to defeating him. If Phjouse alone could do this, was his end truly near?
-- Xexor
Happy Anniversary, Phank and Hjouse of Spjank! Here's to many more fantastic raids together!
P.S. Thanks to Xexor, Kozzae, Kudder, Khaufen, Jalynfane, and Cownan for sending in great screenshots for the update!
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