This week we finally chose our tabard. Took us forever, and many polls on our forums. We did know one thing for sure, it would be Angry Farting Tiki God.

We ended up choosing white and blue, instead of the many other options.
So that was exciting. I swear it is so hard to match as a cloth wearer in this game. NPC's have better outfits than me. Example of a hot outfit on an NPC:
Damn fine. And is that hair coming out from that hat?!?!?! Good god, I have not seen one hat show my hair yet. Anyways, I also got that advanced tailoring, so you should be seeing Phankers in Tux's and hot dresses next update. I made naydien model my simple black dress:
Naydien's got a mount too, which Jaly has almost saved up for. Costs an arm and a leg.
We have been exploring a lot this week, and came across some beautiful areas.
And we died a lot this week as usual.
Olriech sent in a pict of him killing some innocent PK's:
And thank goodness Saduj sent in some picts from Final Fantasy!
Svol is looking pretty bad ass in his red gear.
Our IRC channel is as usual having stability issues.
So we were all 41 at the beginning of this week, when we came to the end of Uldaman. We have killed every boss in there, with a druid for heals, no priest. But then we got to the end dude.
Note you can't tell anything from this image. Cept there were some mobs. But it was really cool. We got halfway through it, on our first shot and are going back this week. Maybe tonight, since we are all a level higher.
This is the coolest NPC in the game. She is a queens bodyguard it seems. Bad ass.
Another failed jumper cable attempt. All our high rogues have jumper cables now. (that's 2)
The following dialogue will not make much sense. Bapt logged on 5 minutes earlier where we had a nice conversation about health clubs, and then he crashed, came back and kinda tried to repeat it.
Kludge (crash) loves boats:
Each month we like to look at the search stings that brought people to Phank. Here is this months.
So once again it was good times. I think the FFXI crew is gonna send some screenshots this week so we can catch up on what they are all up to!
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