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It was a week of 4 big raids. Our first Onyxia and a bonus night of Molten Core. We normally only raid MC 2 nights a week.

Our partnership is working out great, and is generally insane.

First let's check out our Onyxia raid.
It was the first time going for most of us.
We headed in.
Each time we got to another stage.
I think Canthan sums it up:
So we didn't win, but we were pretty amazing.

Now onto our three nights of Molten Core.

- cruella
- cruella
So we lost to the big rock dude. It was late, and we gave it a shot. This got us to do another raid on Friday (usually it's just Sunday and Thursday.)
So we went back in on Friday for our impromptu raid.
Our raid make up was insane.
What does a raid with 7 mages look like?
Oh yeah that's right. Wonderful, colorful pain.
We had a goal. The rock dude. He's a ways in however.
Silvrhand got impatient and threw his beer at him from the ledge. He didn't like that.
So we got to the rock guy. In a glorious tidalwave of magisters robes.
And we totally died. But we learned some really crazy things. Blizzard designs some clever boss mobs. So armed with our new knowledge we kicked ass.
We then went on to trigger Majordomo.
Totally lost and went to bed.
So now onto Sunday, where it was Silvrhand's bright idea we have all new people doing things. Oh and a hungry wall.
No this isn't a shot of the same run back.
- cruella
Oh yeah it was painful.
That fight was so epic and long and glorious and we still lost!
Oh god the pain. But wait! Someone lived! It's Silvrhand! He's coming towards me. And the lava spawn.
Oh man, the night was so painful, and became so funny. And so entertaining. We were drunk off our own failure.
The above photo is me trying to illustrate our zig-zag conversation. You need to be in a stoned mental frame of mind to get it. Oh but wait, we get goofier.
And we make it to that gehennas dude. A snake that has kicked our asses more time than any boss in here.
So we do an ancient tribal rave.
And a tribal chant...
And we win on the first attempt.
I always say you don't really know the people you are gaming with until things go wrong, horribly wrong. Hjouse, we sure got to know you Sunday, and it was glorious.

Now Cruella sent in some more great shots:

So it was another great, and exhausting week. Glaur, hope you are ok in New Orleans.
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