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Wreaking Havoc- by Cru

Excitement is definitely in the air as we continue taking down Razorgore, getting more people geared up, and looking forward to the future expansion. There is lots going on! What didn't we hit this week? Let's see, we didn't go to Zul'Gurub, and... well, that's about it, excluding Naxx and such. Fear Phank and the havoc we wreak! Prepare for slaughter! Death is imminent! Chaos, for certain! Comedic relief, guaranteed!

Our weekly joint raid in BWL with Hjouse of Spjank had us with strange class numbers once again. Well, some were just strange people, forget the class! :)
We struggled with the eggs a few rounds, but that's what happens sometimes.
But we finally got the eggs down and fought against Razorgore. It turns out that when you try to fight Razorgore with most of the tanks and priests dead, it's kinda tough to win.
But win we did, after another attempt or two. Razorgore dead, five weeks in a row! No matter that we did so with only 2 priests alive and people running through bandages like they were candy.
Our visit with Vael was brief but every bit of time is helpful. We decided to come back another day.
During the week some Phankers headed to Winterspring to play with demons and help our priests.
Some people PvPed a lot this week. Others worked on quests, faction, and gear.
Check out this guild name we saw. Love it! And how true...
Oh, by the way -- Ras, would you please drop the magister's mantle for Lonneke? kkthanks
On Friday Phankers overflowed, so one group headed to AQ while others filled in spots with Hjouse's AQ run. It was AQ madness! But double the pleasure, double the fun! Our very own Moooomoooom Jenkins pulled another one on the Hjouse run, lol. But don't let the picture fool you -- it was a great trip -- the General fight was particularly gratifying. The Phank group made it to Buru -- great job all!
Due to slightly too-low numbers, our joint raid ended up not returning to Vael but heading to Molten Core instead.
It was plagued by hilarious incidents and catastrophes. Well, if anyone can make wipes fun, it's Phank and Hjouse of Spjank! The neat thing is the way we brush ourselves off and take down the bosses. We stopped at Shazzrah for the night, and if we can, we'll go back to finish off Rags!
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Barely enough room for a closing! See you in the game, Phank!
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