That dragon you see there isn't really a dragon according to Blizzard. They say that the real dragons are not even in (maybe this patch they are!)

But it was fun finding them.

It was patch week. So as to be expected, massive crashes and strange bugs.
Some of us spent most of our time in Uldaman, that dungeon we found last week. Once again, I will try not to show you bosses and some of the great scritps etc, but this dungeon is fun. It's also tough for a buncha 40's when you get to the end parts. Specially with the new patch.
So Kludge (Crash) decided to get the means to rez. He made some "Jumper cables" that can shock a player back to life. In theory.
So far they have not worked 2 times. So lame. So Kludge had to travel through an entire respawned dungeon to us. Not easy work even for a Rogue.
But he made it.
The auction house has changed.... to a circus.
Note the fires, and the dance number at the middle auctioneer. Here's a close-up:
They try hard to make it a non-griefing game, but this is a common occurence.
Guilds have these Tabards, and we just can't figure out what we want yet. We all clash so bad. We look like Luclin Lola. Maybe next week we will have one.
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