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Table for 40

Our MC raids continue, this time getting to the 3rd snake dude in there.

We even guilted Gunter (Tyrala) to go this time.
MC is expensive for repairs!
Sub is the king of rolls.
- Cruella
So Thursdays MC run was a lot of fun and we made new progress. Now onto Sundays MC run.
Oh yeah we were stinkin up the joint for about the first half of the raid. We were getting agro from things we didn't want to get agro and fighting in new places. It was crazy, confusing and filled with mass death!
But half way through we got our act together and began beating everything on the first try.
We even guilted Lil and Zobb to go!

And Cruella comes prepared!

- Cruella
- Cruella
- Cruella
The above picture Cruella named "DAMN COWS" Now here are some more Cruella picts:
What Kamven sees in his head.

(For Thuggo)

Now back to Cruella's great screenshots!
Now Cruella also captured the epic Thunderdome battle between Jaly and Euthynos.
And it begins....
An epic tale! 

Now on with more ss I got:

Now Mogkin did something to turn herself into tinkerbell. Not sure what, but it was pretty funny. Specially with super speed.
So it was again a great week. It's nice to see our roster filled with people all in the same zone having fun together. Soon the 20 person instance, and we will be happy for some time. Side by side...
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