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By Fire Be Purged - by Cru

There's so much going on these days -- old friends are back in the game, and lots of instances and leveling have been going on. New raiders are enjoying the joint raids and 20-person raids. This week our joint crew hit Blackwing Lair and Molten Core, our usual haunts, and threw in an Onyxia for fun. We also tackled bosses in Zul'Gurub, slaughtered mobs in smaller instances, and PvPed and quested with a vengeance. And then there was Rags...

This makes 4 weeks in a row Phank and Hjouse of Spjank got Razorgore! However, at first things were looking a little grim for our joint raid. We were low on warriors, which meant for challenging attempts. We wiped repeatedly, but stuck it out, really phjocused, and got better each time.
Then at last we overcame our challenges and defeated the dragon. Such a satisfying win!
We knew that our warrior shortage would doom us in the Vael fight, so we headed to the other continent to seek out Onyxia instead. A few minutes later, we were skinning her!
There was lots of fun to be had working on quests, playing with alts, and teaming up to get things accomplished.
We took a quick trip to Zul'Gurub, snagging 3 bosses. We lost a few peeps for the tiger boss, our boss 4, but gave it a go anyway.
Tuesday night was a declared Phank PvP Madness night. Phankers gathered to defend the Horde and defeat the evil Alliance. Phank ruled, of course. These screenshots of the PvP night are from Xexor -- thanks, Xexor!
Speaking of PvP, Kamven made a great video of shadow-priest uberage. Check out his video here!
Our Sunday joint raid into Molten Core was both phenomenal and tragic. We made it to Ragnaros in record time, determined to clear the whole instance in far less than 4 hours. We zoomed through there like wildfire, but Ragnaros stopped us short. For once we had lots of healers but this time not enough dps. The sons destroyed us. By the last attempt, we got him to 3%, which with all things considered was pretty good. But oh, we sure deserved to win that one.
Lothlarien was even ready with his ticket. Awesome, Lothlarien!
Look at the little skull above his head!
And that, Phankers, is that. Well, ok, one more thing...
Thanks for the great pic, Jaly! See you in the game, Phank.
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