Leaps and Bombs

Gracor was way into jumping off high places this week. It was the overwhelming theme, that and lots of death.

It was still fun, except for a bugged mob of doom. He has been our evil foe for weeks now. He is pure evil, a horrible, scary beast of terror. You might remember a couple weeks ago Kemal (Jumpp) standing next to him:
Don't let his cute look decieve, for he is a code red terrorist. He will hit you and annoy you and you can't do anything about it. Even the GM couldn't figure him out, and said he was bugged. For the longest time we thought maybe he was some kinda puzzle. But nooo.
One night he was so annoying that death was a blessing.
The GM's have been great by the way.

But in spite of this little bastard we learned to avoid him. Kludge (Crash) can remote control some of the robots in this zone, so that adds another coolness to it.

yanng = tabris
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