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This week we continued into MC. If you remember, our first night we did 2 bosses. Then on Thursday we did 2 more. Then on Sunday, we did all those bosses in the same amount of time they took on two nights. So first time 8 hours, second time 4, well 4ish.

Somehow we still do crap we have no reason to be doing other than helping friends.

Twice in the last week we did Dragons. And for some reason we treat them like BBQ's. Anyone can come and for some reason they do. People that have done these things a million times still break out their party hat and come.
It's like that with UBRS too, and helping others helps us. The more Onyxia keys we have, the more chance we have to do her. 
In fact on Wed, 10 or so phankers all did dragons for one person. Insanity. I imagined some punk saying to the masses of 60 people "You don't need that many to do these dragons" and us not even replying because they Just Don't Get It.

They Just Don't Get The Phank.

First let's check out our MC run on Thursday. Two bosses down, two planned.
We got to the first boss with ease.
And he killed us with ease.
So we tried again, and won.
And began killing our way to the next boss.
And we got to the last boss for our night.
It was a very long fight. Wandtastic!
Very very long!
And we won.
So for fun we decided to get a taste of the next boss.
And we wiped horribly with great respawn action. We woulda had him! I have to say to all you Phankish guilds out there, it's not just loot in this dungeon that's worth the trip. The bosses are really fun. Curse those 40 man raids! So that was Thursday. Now comes Sunday's MC raid. Once again, on time and excited.
Boss 1 down with no problems. Next!
Boss 2 down with ease. Next!
Boss 3 done with...hmm wipe 1!
wipe 2!
wipe 3!
wipe 4!
Boss 3 WIN! Thanks to some quick ideas from some clever thinkers and the addition of Linina and Jaryl! Next!
Boss 4 down, even though he got really nasty! Sleep time! Now the fights are fun, but I have to say it's fun to get your friends items, expecially neat looking ones. And we are getting more than I thought we would, and shared evenly with the Hjouse.
I know this update is big, but we have more to tell you about! Here are a buncha shots from Cru:
And here are some more shots I got:
It has been a great week again. Everyone is helping each other and having fun. Now if only we could get a couple reluctant phankers to come to the big game with us.
Full of hugs...

Phank on!

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