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Wham, Bham - by Cru

Last week was a special update on our anniversary raid with Hjouse of Spjank. But the rest of that week had some good times, so this update is going to start with a glance back.

One raid took us into Zul'Gurub where we went to face the panther boss. Her so-called "pretties" had a 20-course dinner.
But being Phank, we tried again and again...
And again...
Until finally, we won. That's right you unbelievers -- we won! Nevermind that we also wiped.
One of the biggest highlights last week was in Blackwing Lair with Hjouse of Spjank. We took down Razorgore for the second week in a row.
We also spent some time working on Vael. Each attempt we got him to a lower percentage. By our final run we had gotten him to 6%!
Moving on to this week, we headed back with Hjouse of Spjank to BWL. Something was going on with the server -- every cast, melee, etc., had slight delays to them, leading to all sorts of problems. Success was in question...
Perserverance paid off, and at last we were fighting Razorgore. Success! Third week in a row!
We worked on Vael briefly -- and while we still made progress in technique, we did not win that day.
We stayed pretty busy the rest of the week, getting in some AQ time...
going to various places with lots of undead...
and hitting good ol' UBRS.
We ended the week with a trip into Molten Core with Hjouse of Spjank. We had some AE power that night!
This particularly raid we practiced multi-tasking -- also known as pulling or aggroing lots of mobs at the same time.
We made the boss rounds of Molten Core, one after another.
Then we headed to Ragnaros, where we wiped at 5%. 
We tried again... and almost... almost...almost wiped again. But with about 2 seconds to spare before the sons came back, we got him!
It was a busy couple of weeks, but there you have it, Phank! See you next week!
--pic from Xexor
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