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It’s Not the Size That Matters

- by Cru

Phank is not a gigantic guild. But what it’s got, it’s got good—good people, good gaming, good fun. Phank is special, for all the right reasons.

Well, of course, Phank is cool.

Phank is a teensy bit weird.
But Phank knows all the latest fashion trends.
Phank love is the best love.
Phank does not shy away from commitment.
Phank knows funny.
Phank is all about communication.
Phank’s got style.
Phank is a lethal fighting machine, with unsurpassed use of efficiency, skill, and power.
Phank is brilliant. Ahem.
Phank is courageous in the face of death.
And ultimately Phank triumphs.
We might all be a bunch of goontiferous Phankticators. But we are Phank. And as Phanklin knows, it’s not the size that matters. It’s how you play the game.
P.S. Welcome back, Veenu!
Phank is a gaming community of friends and family. Phank on!
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