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Yes Phank has many well adjusted individuals that have taken a nice slow climb and are just reaching 60 now. But for those of us that may have rushed just a bit, played slightly too fast for this game, boredom is setting in. And when boredom sets in....

You begin rushing into way too many mobs at a time.
You stop planning on bosses...
You make an insane amount of twinks...
And your clothes just seem to fall off...all the time...
So this week was full of that. We have a handful playing other games like EQ2 and other things. Some playing with Hoss, and some turning French.
Jumpp is in California, like I was last week. Zandor and I got to meet Zobb, Lilrith, Kanf, Neelthak, Andriana, Elidroth, and some guy that I don't know in game but likes to play Night Elves. Curse these anti-social video games, I am meeting way too many nice folk!
In our boredom we play to have fun more than anything, which may mean charging with no plan into rooms, rushing from place to place, and yes... lots of death!
Note: this is not a sploit pull, this is boredom attempting to kill us all again.
So yeah it's a little boring but boredom isn't the worst thing. We have a great game here, they are hiring up, and hopefully will become fast enough for us. We don't need that much, but yeah, and expansion half a year after release would be nice!

Until then we will make the game fun, as we always do, or some of us will take our breaks, play other things, and come back when the devs catch up. It's all good. Now hurry up!

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