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Barbecue, Extra Sauce- by Cru

It was a hot week, in more ways than one. We spent time in many hot zones in World of Warcraft complaining about hot temperatures elsewhere. But heat waves couldn't keep us from having our usual fun.

Playing in molten lava and dragon fire is what we do, after all.

One of our highlights was Blackwing Lair with Hjouse of Spjank.

Our first attempt on Razorgore was a pretty good one. We were just warming up!

On our second attempt, the fight seemed almost easy. Razorgore deaded!
Eagerly we headed to Vael. It was not quite the success of Razorgore, lol. We are still learning this fight, but every attempt is progress. The more time we get in BWL, the sooner we'll get this fight down. Mostly right now the fight makes for great screenshots of dead people. dying people, and skeletons. So I took lots! :D Seriously, we are well on our way to winning this fight.
Blackwing Lair wasn't the only place we saw dragons this week. We actually started our week by getting many peeps and alts Onyxia keys! And by many I think we totalled some 10+ new keys.
Particularly fun was discovering we can raid the outdoor dragons now -- we joined up with Hjouse and cruised from dragon to dragon to dragon to dragon.
Along with the dragons, there were at least a couple of UBRS runs to finish the quest line. It's always fun to go back in that zone.
So with all those new keys, did we go to Onyxia? Nope! Oh, but we will....
One group headed into Stratholme for a 45-minute run. Well, let's just say we got the Baron and leave it at that. Fun run, though.
We ended the week with a Molten Core run with Hjouse of Spjank.
The warlocks were taking over the raid. Look at all those blueberries!
Our hunters surprised us by bringing the Baron while we were waiting for a lava pack or grabbing drinks or something. Uh... places, everyone --and fast!!! Way to keep us on our toes, hunters!
We made it to Ragnaros but were so low on healers that we decided to call it after a couple of attempts. The sons had a barbeque -- we were the meat. And we were well-done.
And this update is done, if not well-done. That's about it for the week, Phank!
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