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Phank Saves the World! - by Cru

With the end of the world at hand, Phank forces rode out to meet the Scourge head on, helping defeat the terrible and deadly invading body snatchers (while increasing Argent Dawn faction, of course!) and showing no fear or hesitation amidst the huge numbers of enemies surrounding us. Other than that it was mostly a typical week.

Ominously, huge crystals hovered above cities and battlefields, sending warning of impending doom to horde and alliance alike.
-- Mogkin
The Phank army joined the fight, and battles all over both continents took place. The Scourge would not win!
Even the powerful Shadows of Doom succumbed to our almighty strength and skill.
The offending forces shattered by our awesome might, their stacked corpses became proof of our triumph. Meanwhile, across the world, alliance and horde joined forces in other battles against the Scourge. But this is not about them!
We did it, our part to save the world from the Scourge. But the ever-demanding Argent Dawn needed more help, and so we gathered body parts and plants and scraps from mobs galore. Strat and Scholo and BRD and the Plaguelands were some of the many places we scavenged the necessary items.
Throughout all we did for Argent Dawn, we also headed out with Hjouse of Spjank to win our own battles against regular foes in Molten Core and Blackwing Lair. Among other things, of course...
With an interesting group makeup, we went after Razorgore, learning more in the process. While we didn't make a complete go against Razorgore that night, at least we got to say Hi. And then he squashed us.
Outside the lair, we saw a friend disguised as an evil foe, and worse, a gnome.
Not done yet, we hit Zul'Gurub hard over 2-3 nights.
Jin'do stayed just out of reach, but ohhhhh are we close. You shall not escape us for long, Hexxer dude. We'll get you, our pretty. And your little Shades, too.
On our best attempt, we got Jin'do down to 10k. So close!
We like the challenge of attempting bosses with whoever happens to be on that night. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. But fun is the goal. And eventual success is guaranteed. Even if it takes a few attempts.
Here are some more pics from Mogkin -- I'm not sure when they were taken, but they're great!
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