Little more WoW...and an even littler FFXI!

You remember how we got ahead of Crash last week, well this week we paid for that! Most of us took it easy so he could catch up, and some of us went to the Cubs game and miscellaneous silly movies. Given that we still found time to game and dance in haunted churches.

As you remember, there are instances in WoW, a nice escape from fighting the general public for mobs. But out there on the open field it's another story. First to hit a mob is first to own it. So there can be a bit of competition, sometimes healthy, sometimes annoying, and always trigger finger fast.
That's three groups after one mob. So far there are no "camp checks" and no real rules of conduct. I think it's like EQ in the early days. Can't say if I like it or not, but that may be because we mostly win when someone tries to take a mob from us. Also some people are not too gracious when they are about to die.
But over all the community is smart and well spoken. I think beta is a better chunk of the blizzard population than will be in the release version. There is also a strange kinda consensual PvP thing, that works pretty good so far. You don't have to be a part of it if you don't want to.
Reminds me of someone...
And Gobii hit 60!!!
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