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We know.

When WoW was coming we were very excited. It sounded like a game perfect for Phank. You didn't need to play 20 hours a week to reach the highest goals. Now we see it is still catering to ubers. Not the same way we have seen before. Hours are not as important as your choice of guild. To reach the big goals of the game you must be in an uber guild.

What do I mean by Uber? I mean a large guild that recruits and has high turnover and more recruiting. They have lower standards in /gu and put up with things they otherwise would not for high play time members and enough bodies to get their items. This is not Phank.

So we ask, why is the raid size 40? Because it's near impossible to get 40 people to work well together? Playing social worker isn't good gameplay so hopefully not.

Is the size 40 because EQ had it set to some huge number around 80? So Blizzard thought half might be perfect? And why is it that the best loot is in the 40 person instances? Because CornFlakes doesn't want JoeBlow getting the same gear even if he works twice as hard?

Blizzard has an amazing opportunity here. They have regulated instances. This means they can make a 10 man instance harder than a 40 man. With the same level loot. So do it. You get more bang for your buck with smaller instances. More players will be entertained longer.

So Blizzard please stop making more high end 40 mans. They cater to a demographic you can never appease. Give us more 5-20's. They will serve you well. Even small guilds have a better chance to team up then.

But maybe you don't want them to team up easier. Maybe you don't want "friend guilds" to get your best goals. Maybe you want to encourage a level of drama and disfunction.

Well we don't like this. And I don't think Phank is alone. I believe we are the bulk of your player base. And as more medium sized guilds learn that EQ2 has a raid max of 24 people, they may eye it more seriously. Here is what we want:

  • We want to know when the expansion is coming. (prefferably with Bloodelves!)
  • Make more 5-20 instances for 60's as hard as MC/BWL/Onyxia with equal loots as the top.
  • And fix the queue's on our server.

We know your game is better. We know you are trying to hire more people fast. We know you just lost a buncha programmers. We know you have leaders of ubers working for you, urging uber content. We know...we know...

We know that with that amount of money you can appease us and the ubers. Please inform us why that would be an issue. None of us at Phank like wading into your forums to whine and get attention.
So yeah some Phankers are bored with WoW right now. Obviously almost a year into playing it with 0 new high end raid instances for us can be a bit boring.

They still are playing WoW a bit, but won't be rushing to get in the queue until new content arrives.

(note I will be doing an art review on EQ2 soon)

Many of us continued doing the same instances we always do, laughing our asses off about stupid things as usual.
Some of us are finding entertainment in leveling up the alternative XP bar WoW has given us.
We love you WoW. Here is our little talk. And when Phank does one of these "special" updates it means you need to act. Not because we demand it, but because usually when we start feeling this way many others are too. Just check our past history.

Please try to inform the community of why you are making so much money yet have trouble churning out more content. We don't need much. Those 40 mans would be fine for a few months if they were 10-20 mans. Do you get it? The content you have now would still be entertaining us if for under 20 people. We know you can't keep up with everyone, but we think it's the norm to be hitting 60 half a year later in WoW. So we arn't the fringe.

We also think it's not much to ask for an expansion 8 months after release. A real expansion. So let us in on when it's coming.

We know it's hard. You've had to grow fast. Now chop chop.

Phank is a gaming community of friends and family. Phank on!
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