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A Dog-Eat-Raid-Eat-Dog Kind of Week - by Cru

So if you caught last week's update from Jaly, you know that Veenu and Gracor had their baby girl (yay!), and I managed to break my arm (boo!). One-handed gaming is a pain, but we do what we must for the sake of the update! So here's this week's update, along with some scattered shots I had been collecting over the last couple of weeks.

Phank and Hjouse ventured into Molten Core this week and managed to do something rather noobish -- we fell to the dogs leading up to Magmadar. In our tug of war --and I do mean back and forth-- they won. Those bitches! ;)
But we picked ourselves up, had payback by getting their boss Mags, then moved on, stopping at Garr for the night.
Later in the week, we headed back to MC to finish up. Strange happenings again -- weird wipes, unexpected deaths, but eventual success, as usual. But to be fair, we had lots of relatively new raiders this week, as well as others in new roles. So really, it all was just fine.
And most importantly, we got Ragnaros.
Phank had fun one night getting in a surprise trip to Onyxia!
It was an unexpected mass gathering of Phankers far and wide. So, raid time! We headed into the lair for an in-house attempt, seasoned with a few alts. We got cooked. But we almost got her! It's nice to see so many Phankers coming back to the game.
We've been spending lots of time in AQ lately. It shouldn't be too much longer and we'll get Ossirian. One night this week, we headed to AQ, stopping at Buru, but we didn't getting enough peeps the following night to continue to Oss. Phankers are so unpredictable!
It's an exciting time. With so many Phankers back in the game, there will be many good times ahead, and lots of pwning to be done!
Now for a collection of pics and bad jokes from the last couple of weeks.
Some of the guild chat while Vee was in labor. ---->
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