It's Time...WoW beta images cometh... World of Warcraft Screenshots within beware.

We can't hold back anymore. It is the curse of a beta with no NDA...we have images.

We will try hard not to spoil anything. But these updates are for us to look back upon our gaming experiences months or years down the road. We want to see what the real story was and remember the challenges and laughs along the way. So here it is. The week in WoW...

I will start backwards. With Sunday.

We spent the better half of the morning catching each other up to this stage in the Defias quests. Then we gathered at the old farm and went down into the dungeon. The servers had just come up again so there were mass trains and crowds and confusion.

It was packed. But it was also energetic, and we knew we would soon be at the promised land.
Our first instanced dungeon in WoW. This means it's our dungeon. No one else is in it.
(reminder Kemal = Jumpp)
All of a sudden it was peaceful. Our own space. But it wasn't quiet for long...

We buffed up and began the battle. 

As we went deeper in, we came across a bigger and bigger dungeon. I don't want to give stuff away, so I won't tell you much, but it felt great. Really building suspense.
B&W is what death looks like.
Spoiler image (do not click if you havn't been in this dungeon!)
Spoiler image (do not click if you havn't been in this dungeon!)
It was the best video game interaction I have had in years. It wasn't that stressful kind of fun like EQ, it was something different. You had trust in the game, in the fact that it was your dungeon. You knew you wouldn't have to wait for weeks for another opportunity. Yet it was amazing and creative. Twists and turns everywhere. Each person found a great item of loot. The dungeon was made for us.
I tried really hard not to show any bosses or stuff. But just imagine them scattered throughout that adventure. And imagine them having that Blizzard sense of awe and humor.

Almost all Phankers have a game right now. Just one bitter-cute Phanker left to be happy...

Now on with the rest of this fine gaming week.

It was a great week. But the best fun happened in one crazy long sunday. Join up, help each other get what they need then launch out on the big mission.
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