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This week we went to the usual dungeons. We killed things and killed ourselves. Somehow we cracked each other up and everyone is keeping a great guild.

No stress, just a little hope for more content and a desire for adventure...

It's funny how even though we have done events a million times there can still be little surprises.
And we are now timing some of our runs, trying to beat our own records. We have also been fine tuning our strats and way we work together.
And just generally having fun doing the same content over and over.
But for those of us who are overly tired of WoW there are other options. A handful of phankers are playing EQ2. When Jaly sent me these screenshots I got a little sad. Not because we will lose some from WoW, but because it is a reminder that the specific game we play really means nothing.

Naydien tells me that loot based games can be evil, can turn people mean. I think that some people just lean that way and seeing these EQ2 shots reminded me that none of these games matter, so to get all bent out of shape over game specific things is just plain silly.

Well this handfull of phankers in EQ2 dwell on the right things, adventure with friends, and they all got together to check out this ugly ass game together. (Taedien is Naydien.)

click on this one for a bigger pict, to see the UI.
Ok that picture is a bit pretty. And I like the elephants.
What is that weapon thing he's got going there? Some kinda FFXI style thing perhaps.

Anyways, I hated EQ2 in beta, but I am glad to see a small group enjoying the exploration of a new game.

Which brings me to my new point. We are thinking of trying Onyxia soon. With a guild like Phank you have a nice slow turnover, as soon as a few levelers get to the top, the faster levelers get bored, so it's usually the same amount of level 60's on at any given time. This is going to make it near impossible to do the massive 40 person stuff alone, but at the same time I love that we guild slow, grow slow, and so I wouldn't have it any other way. Right now the guild is awesome, and has been for some time. It's just too bad 40 people is WoW's ultimate raid size.

Maybe EQ2 will teach WoW to hurry up with content and to get smaller raid goals. EQ2 I hear has max raid size of 24 I think.

That's a lot of dead bears. We have been using druids in place of priests and tanks a lot lately.
We are finally finishing some very hard quests that we have worked on as a guild for individual phankers. Here's Euth's BP. I think Sala's up next.
Next is a small group trying the 7 in brd. We were pretty low DPS.
So two fails and then a win! I love barely beating things.
Cownan and Cruella took a look into Onyxia's Lair....
A celebration of all splodes.
So it was a nice week. Having fun in the same places, and some having fun in completely new places. Can we retain enough to do Onyxia? If not that's ok. If so, that's great too. I don't know how much I am looking forward to that kinda raiding anyways. As shown by FuMan it's action packed:
Truth is we will do what we can with what we have. That's Phank.
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