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Embrace the Situation - by Veenu

As you know Phank's numbers have been kinda low, as are our partners Hjouse's. Turns out this is a global problem. We feel it's due to the lack of new smaller party/raid content. There isn't much new stuff to log on for other than a large 40player dungeon and farming faction for the dungeon. This in turn causes a general lack of interest in logging on.

We wallowed in misery for a few weeks, showing up for attempts at BWL that were doomed to cancel due to low turn out. Not anymore. We plan ahead, and we are taking advantage of our predicament.
We have decided to do what we can with what we have in true phankish fashion. We are owning AQ20.
One of our kills of Buru was pretty bizarre. As usual it was a close fight. Buru down to 1-2% and we are all dead, but this time Subvertio used his ankh to stand up in the split second before Buru reset....
Chain Lightning crit saves the day.
And moam is no trouble anymore either.
So we are very successful with most of the bosses now, and this week decided to focus all the way to the end.
We finally got these large guys down with consistent ease.
And learning this end boss has been really a good experience. Everyone is top game and the event is exciting. We can feel the win around the corner.
Good times. It's nice to finally sink our teeth into a zone.

We also did the usual odd adventures....

Yesterday Cruella broke her wrist out on some kinda nature trail hiking with her dogs and Cownan. We wish her well and hope she heals fast! At least it was her left hand, so she can one hand game soon ;)
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