City Beastiary

Olriech has been finding some pretty strange mobs as he climbs in CoH. He sent in this photo report:

That is a very cool bridge he found also. Glaur sent in these picts, again one of the freakish mobs:
And Olriech was feeling really left out, so he too put his freak on.
Glaur also got some great scenic shots.
I even logged into CoH at least one day this week:
And more friends join us...
It's true. As I said before, nothing beats CoH travel. Movement in that game is just plain FUN. You want to spend hours just moving around.
So now for a few WoW shots, once again I am trying hard to not give anything away, but it is part of our lives so I gotta include some of it. Hopefully more Phank can get in the beta, not that they want to! Many still are loving FFXI and CoH and want nothing to do with WoW.
Name Key:

Kilka = Cindal Firebrand = Crash Hackerz = Gracor Tup = Jumpp Jantober = Gracor

I have nothing wise to end the update with this time. Sometimes I get worried about things like "what side are we gonna play" Or "is Tylia gonna like this game" etc... But then I realize it's all gonna be ok, and already is. Do I sound like Pete Yorn?
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