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Screw you Plate, Comcast, Server Separation

Ok, we are tired of the plate. It was fun at first equiping our 2-3 tanks but can you please stop it from dropping for a week? I mean then Aundine (Cownan) will be able to raid, and we can do something with it. But until then cut it out.

Also can you please fix Euthynos's Comcast? We like him and don't want him to lose internet all the time. I think he lives somewhere in middle america. Thanks.

And lastly, can you please let our friend Noashan play with the Yankees? I don't mean baseball, I mean the English lad wants to play with his American friends. He won't mind any lag that happens from the wires that have to go under the ocean. Thanks, we look forward to the bloody change.
(note: we had 0 plate wearers)
(it didn't...)
And the end dropped not plate, but the rogue hat! And of course that would be great if Euthynos's Comcast hadn't crashed him for hours.
We did other things this week, many of us takin it easy, Euthynos predicting the BG patch tomorrow too.
This guy thinks he is in City of Heros.
I look forward to you fixing the Plate, Comcast, and Server Separation. Thank you for your time.
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