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Win some... - by Veenu

In spite of big losses this week we found ways to have fun. We continue to struggle in BWL, but the improvements are noticeable. We also struggled on Onyxia which is very depressing, even if our raid was pretty tiny. Sometimes when you backtrack on mobs you own for so long you wonder what's wrong with you. But I guess that comes with the territory of being the only guild I know of that publishes their failures as well as their wins each week.

- from Xexor
- from Xexor
Finding ways to entertain ourselves, and each other becomes quite important when we don't have any new content to play in. Yes we have some 40's dungeons, but that's the long haul.
These next picts are from when we fall in towards the end, it's like a big party or bar fight.
As I mentioned above, our mini raid on Onyxia was pretty unsuccessful also.
But we had fun helping each other out, getting returning phankers some keyage or attunements.
And we had a glorious mage heavy zul raid. Love them mages.
Xexor and some other phankers were part of a PvP win this week, I guess it was a great time.

Some of us also got in some capture the flag.

- from Xexor
So the big fights might not be getting done this week, but the little ones have been great. We've also had a few members returning to the game this week, and our priest force is very powerful now. It's amazing how we had a million warriors for a while, and now they are a bit rare.

So even with the issues in BWL I am not discouraged because they were very controlled losses. We know where the weaknesses were, and will fix that this week....tonight in fact. And screw Onyxia and her damn books.

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