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The Three Gnomads - Starring Cruella, Aundine, and Kozzae

Pint-sized Explorers on an Adventure of Gigantic Proportions

One bright and sunny morning, three small but fearless gnomes set out on a glorious journey into the vast world beyond—ready to face unknown but certain dangers. They had but a single destination in mind (and no map): the faraway goblin city of Gadgetzan, where enemies mingle and great wealth could be had.

And so the story of Gnewt, Gnerd, and Gnudge begins…first, with a name change.
At last the three Gnomads set out.
They were not deterred by obstacles in their path—nor mean, scary spiders.
Vicious mobs were everywhere, but spirit, determination, and fierce will kept the little munchkins on their path. They soon realized this was no vacation.
Gnerd tried to keep things light to take their minds off the impending danger.
Excitement flared as the Gnomads crossed the ocean blue to Kalimdor, where they met the ruler of Theramore—and a creepy old gnome along the way.
Little did the gnomes know that the worst dangers were still to come—they were about to enter the terrifying Dustwallow Marsh. Death was imminent. Could they persevere? Yes, in fact.
The Barrens was a sight for sore eyes. Gnewt attempted to befriend a giant Tauren named Onar of the Phank variety.
Soon only Thousand Needles and the Shimmering Flats were left to cross.
At last, they reached the promised land—Gadgetzan…
And started to pick fights with the tall ones.
The adventure was at an end. Of the 54 deaths along the way, 22 belonged to Gnerd, 19 were Gnudge’s, and 13 were Gnewt’s. The crocs and spiders of Dustwallow Marsh were responsible for 21 of those many deaths. The Gnomads were thrilled with their long journey and glad for a rest. But is the story over? Who knows what excitement the future might bring…

-- Cruella

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