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PHANK - People That Hate All Non-Kommunists - by Veenu

Well it's already been a very busy summer. As you know, good and bad. It's one of the reasons this update is late! Well let's get to it. First a couple shots from Xexor on a team that finished Warlords Command.

Gobi also completed his Hunter epic! Thanks Xexor for this shot too!
And Kamven continued to jump off things.
A few phankers are messing around in CoV, Jaly sent in these picts.
We are having a bit of low numbers still, due to how busy things are lately, but we are doing what we can with what we have as usual.
Speaking of being busy, Gyries had a beautiful baby girl this week. Homegrown phankers.
-from xexor
Jumpp is also working on some new EVE walkthroughs that I will post for all you that want to spend your summer in space!
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