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Slow and Steady!

Looking at our Onyxia list of keys is getting us a bit excited. We have a bunch and are getting a bunch more soon. Our little goal set so long ago may actually be met. Slow and steady!

Monday night we had 1 dragon group and two Warlords Command groups going. Some of our Phankers have done these things a million times yet they do them again!
Even if they may be edging towards insanity with each run!
While my group tried to beat a world record for fastest dragon runs ever the other two groups were crack swat teams.
And a spoiler image for those that have done Warlords Command.
So that was great fun, everyone coming together to help each other with our goal of Onyxia. She used to be such an abstract goal, a little excited hope. But now it's actually attainable.

Note: we all still hate the 40 person amount for being uber in WoW. It should be 20 also. But you know our stance on that. We also died a lot this week, but that's nothing new for us...

This is a before wipe photo.
Cownan's (aundine) first XP pull! Well done!
-from cruella
Sometimes we still have a trail of melee leading up to our kill of general. PETA would be pissed.
We sacrificed a sheep before this General kill:
I like how Bog (Gracor) puts it. BG's can be fun, but not properly rewarded.
Yoink = Salabak's alt. We are alt-tastic.
Cruella (Groki) sent in some great shots. I really love the ones of her sneaking. She also, as you saw earlier did some ninja work with Euthynos.
Thanks for those shots Cru! Here are some from Euthynos:

That's Plague, Euthynos and Jalynfane.

And here's Mos:

Who knew he was so hawt.

Phank is rockin right now, as Jumpp called it - smooth waters. I know rough waters come and go, the human condition seems to need it or something, but it's been awesome. Everyone is so kind and grounded.

It's relaxed, some are still gaming every night, some playing other games, a couple with hoss, some playing in RL more, it's all good and everyone knows that. Slow and steady wins the .... well since it isn't a race, we just win.

Phank on!
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