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The new PvP instances are in and they are full of amazing excitement. Just look at the death and destruction!

We had over 30 Horde just standing around the instance for Capture the Flag.
So Lothaar and I decided to go spy on the enemy. We walked to stall.
And here is what we got.
Half of them were under 50 too. Do the Alliance just sleep in until 3pm? Do they fear us? /boggle...

So we finally got in to see some action.

And it was pretty damn fun. But my god, so many gnomes. And they all love a flag. Awww so cute.
I also have a new hatred for Rogues.

Unless they are on my side...

So it was good times. We also had a few losses in a row when we had 1 rogue and 1 healer. Man, one game was against 5-6 rogues....hate hate hate....
And Paladins are just annoying.
But it wasn't all Battlegrounds this week. An old friend returns to the gaming with us.
We also did some of the usual instances.
I think WoW is wearing on some of us... we have all taken to caring about what pets we have.
On Saturday and Sunday many more of us checked out the 40 man Battleground. Most of us had no idea what we were doing so we just explored and got familiar with the quests. Our BG vets were either playing RL poker or Battlefield 2.

As you can see, we are hardened 1337 Griefers....

I have to say I loved everything but the battle lines. I just can't get excited about them. I liked learning about mines, and other caves, and collecting stuff etc.

So that's our PvP experience. I think Phankers have very different opinions on them. I don't think they will entertain us as long as I was hoping. Maybe if they quickly push out 10 CTF maps, or get another large BG out.

Meanwhile Spot was busy killing his teammates.

Thanks Cruella for sending in those shots :)
And sometimes you don't need a warrior for bosses and hard things...just a really high level Other Class...
And Sethra sent in these of Plague and Zandor leveling their Taurens to the exact level of xp.
Last night as I fell asleep I got sad about WoW. I thought that the battlegrounds won't last long out of not being able to play when you want and repetition. I also thought about Blizzards newest announcement of the next big 40 person uber instance. I also thought how the rumors of the 20 person instance will only take 2 hours to finish. All three of these things depressed me. Once again the large guilds dictate importance. Once again the large guilds get the best items.

So why not make a 20 person instance that takes the same amount of time and skill as MC with the same level of loot? Because <Better than Corn Flakes> will bitch? Due to limits on instance size WoW can be the first game to be better than that.

Another revolutionary idea that Blizzard won't do is to let you export your character to the wild west of servers. A place where players make the maps. They did it with all their other games. Why not an MMOG? It would be lame, confusing, and amazing.

Until then we play for company, with the hope of finding new challenges in old places...

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